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مجتمع مدني من أجل الكرامة

Civil Society with Dignity

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Unity & Diversity in Nature & Society

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Promoting Citezineship & Governance

My Heritage,,, My Identity!

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What we do?

We serve our community, promote peace and justice and tell the story of Palestine!

This department aims at empowering the Palestinian people, regardless of the age group, in various fields and particularly to prepare a young leadership that cares. It also aims at providing a good environment for Christian and Muslim youth, males and females to work together for a better future.

This department fulfils one of the main components of our work, which bridges the gap between Palestinians and peoples from all over the world by inviting them to visit Palestine, meet the Palestinians and get the Palestinian feel. Here is where Siraj Center fits, it makes this very possible.

Through this department, we connect with people around the globe that we cannot easily reach physically. It is extremely important that people learn the truths about what is happening in Palestine, therefore, we developed the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC News) to complete this goal.

Supporting the Community

Community service is one of our main priorities. It gives young people the chance to practice their natural role in their society so they understand it well. This is essential for future leaders.

Beit Sahour, a living heritage

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Our Mission

PCR works to bridge the gap between Palestinians and peoples from all around the world, informing the public about the reality in Palestine, and empowering the community through nonviolent direct action.


Voluntary work is a main part of PCR’s policy of survival. Since its start the center has been highly dependent on voluntary work in about 70 percent of its activities. On one hand, this helped PCR continue to function during times where almost no funds were granted to the center, while many other organizations suffered serious set backs. On the other hand, this allowed a fairly large amount of young Palestinians to get more involved in community service and popular struggle activities through which they help their community and country at large.

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