PCR awarded a new Grant from EU

PCR awarded a new Grant from EU with the Partnership with Bethlehem University, Afrat Center, Tertaktys (France).


Strengthen Palestinian identity and citizenship through re-appropriation of historical and cultural heritage (research, preservation, promotion) along the Abraham Path.


SO1 – Improve knowledge about Palestinian heritage

SO2 – Strengthen local governance and enhance the capacities of key actors to preserve and promote heritage and involve national authorities

SO3 – Raise awareness about cultural diversity and appropriation of Palestinian identity



Op1.1: A French-Palestinian researcher interdisciplinary university team is constituted

Op1.2: A synthetic database of documentation ready to use for large audience is created and used

Op1.3:5 pedagogical tools are created and adapted specifically for each target group

Op2.1: 104 key actors are identified and trained on the importance of Palestinian heritage as a vector of identity and national cohesion

Op2.2: 25 local and national authorities are informed and sensitized on the importance of heritage for local development

Op2.3: By the territorial mediation local networks emerged and they are involved in the preservation and promotion of heritage along the path

Op3.1: Around 65 890 people are involved in the process of recognizing a plural and common identity (West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem)

Op3.2: The project has contributed to deconstruct prejudices on Palestine