PCR Staff


Michel Awad, born in the town of Beit Sahour in Palestine, and lives there today.
Michael is a tri lingual, where Arabic is his mother language, he has learned German and English at Talitha Kumi School in Beit Jalla. Michael has studied Travel Management in Bethlehem University. In Year 2004 he became an Instructor for Travel Management in Bethlehem University.
Michael is a cofounder of Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies where he works as the executive director of the Siraj Center. Michael is a board member of the Palestinian Society for Travel and Tourism Agents. Awad has gained various Experiences in organizing different kind of Programs for International visitors to Palestine, which enable them to encounter the Real Palestine Life and Culture. He represented Siraj Center as a member in the Steering Committee for the Palestinian Initiative for Responsible Tourism (PIRT). Through his participation in the (PIRT) he has helped writing and developing the Palestinian Code of Conduct. Michael also is an active member in a variety of Palestinian community organizations.


George S. Rishmawi is a Palestinian activist from Beit Sahour, who believes in and works for peace using non-violent methods. He holds a Batchelors Degree in English language and a Diploma in Translation from Birzeit University. His wide network of relations of people and organizatins made him the best promotion manager and coordinator for Siraj Center. he is also the Executive Director of Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil, a programme which bring people from all faiths to walk along the Steps of Abraham Path between Jenin and Hebron and learn about Abrahamic values and traditions

George has undertaken speaking tours throughout Europe and the USA giving talks on various subjects related to the on-going Palestine-Israel situation. He has given training in non-violence to groups all over Palestine. He has been involved in PCR since 1991 He served as member of the Executive Committee for PCR (2001 - 2003). George has been recently elected to the Administration Board of the Arab Orthodox Cultural Club in Beit Sahour.


Michael manages the guest hosues that Siraj is running. He is responsible to make the needs of the hotels available, daily purchases and financial management of the incoming guests in the two guest-houses. Michael is a 2009 graduate of Bethlehem University with a Diploma in Travel Agency Management. He has been working with PCR since 2011.


Rania Sababa Awwad, Born in Beit Sahour and graduate of Bethlehem University in 1996 with a High diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism. Rania was involved in PCR since 1992 for some years.
She rejoined PCR after assuming her work with Siraj Center in early 2013 as a daily operation co-ordinator. Rania has a very good background in Folklore Dancing and has been trainer and leader of one of the local folklore dancing groups in the area.


Mayada works as the Tour Operator and Social Media Officer at Siraj. Her main job is to design, coordinate and follow up tour programs incorporated in trips, hiking, Biking. She is also involved in preparing the monthly newsletter and updating Siraj's website.

Mayada has a B.A. degree in Geography / Political Science, from Birzeit University which gave her a rich background and experience in organizing and leading the various programs and activities with the different groups and pilgrimages.

In previous years, she worked as Research Assistant in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing Unit at The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem “ARIJ” in Bethlehem. She also worked as a teacher at the Latin Secondary School and the Greek Orthodox School in Al-Taybeh near Ramallah, where she originally comes from.


Nisreen is a graduate of Bethlehem University of English Literature with a minor in Business Administration. She has been a PCR staff member since 2008. Currently Nisreen serves as Administrative Assistant to the Exc. Director and a General Book Keeper for PCR. She works closely with the four PCR department staff members.


Graduate of Bethlehem University in Travel and Tourism Management of 2012. Nermeen was born in Beit Sahour and has joined PCR in 2012. Nermeen's basic taks is to organize the office appointments and keeps order in all PCR departments. She is instrumental in the Tunes for Peace Project, and keeps contact with the families of the students.


Lourd Hazboun, born in Bethlehem, graduated from Bethlehem University in 2018 with a diploma in travel and tourism management. After graduation Lourd started working at travel and tourism office in Beit Sahour. Also she has been working with PCR since 2019 as a daily operation at Siraj center.