Through Young Eyes – The Training

The actual training has started in October 2013. 12 young men and women have been selected to participate in the project. The participants come from the Bethlehem area, mainly from two towns, Beit Sahour and the village of Wadi Fukin, a marginalized village in the western rural area of Bethlehem. Wadi Fukin is a village trapped between the green line (the enforced borders between the West Bank and Israe) and the wall, Israel is buliding inside the West Bank. This area is know and the “seam zone” and residents of this area face serious mobility issues. Therefore, the three participants come a long way from their village to the center to attend the training.


The first sessions were conducted by the PCR Executive Dierctor, George N. Rishmawi who gave them an introductary training in communication skills. Information needed for the training, simply because the entire project is about youth communicating their views to the community through video.


Following the Communication Skills training, the participants received training in research skills in order to give them tools on how to find out what topics they want to pursue and how can they collect information about it in order to present it in a more presentable way.


These two training packages paved the way for the video and audio production training to start. The video training is split into two sections, the first is photography and the second is videography. Participants are learning the basics of shooting a good video, and they they will have to edit it on the computer, using Adobe Premier video editing software. Thus, once they are done with the project, they will be able to edit any other video, which will give them a skill that is very much needed in most of the new communication jobs.