Tunes for Peace 2016

For the second year, The Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement betwen People organizes the end of semester Music Concert fo the Tunes for Peace Students.  This is the thid concert in the past two years.  This year, the concert was held on Saturday April 23, 2016 in Beit Sahour, at the Greek Catholic School hall which included performances by the Tunes for Peace students.

As usual, the concert gives the chance to the students to play music on a stage in front of an audience comprised mainly of their parents, which gives the parents also the chance to see their children in action.

Students did solo performances on their respective instruments and then the Tunes for Peace Band performed three music pieces.

The project currently provides service to 75 students from the Bethlehem area varied in age, sex and religious backgrounds.  The students receive training in 5 instruments, Violin, Guitar, Oud, Kanoun, Piano in addition to percussions.  Like every year, the Tunes for Peace band, has new members and we are hoping to be ready for international performances in the near future.

Each students receives one 30-minute one-on-one training and 1 hour theory music every week.  Some students receive additional 2 hours of group play session every week.

The project started in 2009 with support from the Municipality of Rimini in Italy, through the Social Center A La Calle.  The project is also supported by Pilgrimage People, a registered company in the UK,  which organizes trips to Palestine.

The concert aims to encourage the students to learn more and to break the stage fear, and to keep the parents updated with the performance of their kids and the updates of the project.