Angelo Frammartino Educational Center

Angelo Frammartino was born in Rome on the 28th of April, 1982 and lived in Monterotondo, a village near Rome, together with his parents, Silvana and Michelangelo, and his sister Romina.


Angelo was well known and appreciated in Monterotondo because of his engagement in the social and of his particular enthusiasm.

In Monterotondo he had attended the compulsory school, from the primary to the secondary school , the liceo, during the last year of which he was a member of the Institute Council as a representative of the students.

Always in Monterotondo, as a younger boy, he had taken part at different sport competitions and recreative activities; he had played for years in a local basket team.

In the last years his main interests had been studying and social engagement. He attended the Laws Faculty at university and was a member of the local section (which today is named after him: “F. Babusci – A. Frammartino Circle”) of the Communist Refoundation Party – European Left, which approached because he was convinced it was the political party that most embodied the values of pacifism and non – violence.


Because of his passion and his determination he succeeded in carrying out all the different engagements undertaken: he was near to the degree and was the coordinator of the local party, in which he was mostly engaged in the cultural activity.


He also had organized a lot of demonstrations, mostly pertaining th subject of peace, non-violence, intercultural dialogue, and solidarity towards the weaks. Among the main events he actively took part, are to be remembered: the “Forum for Liberation and Peace”, the “Control Arms” campaign by Amnesty International. He had a profound fondness for children: they were always present in his thoughts, in his writings and at his side in pictures.


Angelo used to pass his holidays in Caulonia, a small village in the south of Italy from where comes his family, with relatives and friends. Also in Caulonia Angelo was known for his brightness, his generosity and the enthusiasm he put into all activities. Also there his social, political and cultural engagement went together with the passion for sport. Every year he took part to the summer sport events, such as football and basket competitions, and he was a constant presence in the social and cultural events which took place in summertime.


In the month of August of two years ago, Angelo was in Jerusalem, in the youth center “Burj al luq luq” (“The Flamingo Tower”), taking part for a few weeks to an international cooperation project in favour of the Palestinian children of the Old City of Jerusalem. He had left for Jerusalem on the 1st of August, 2006. The project, that was scheduled to end on the 12th of August , was instead interrupted in advance because of the tragic event occurred on the 10th of August.


Many are the events which will take place all over Italy and abroad, in memory of Angelo and the ideals of peace and non-violence he died for. The President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, rewarded his memory with the golden medal for civil merits. Many people from the voluntary service, from cooperation, from institutions, from civil society as well as common people asked the President of the Italian Republic to confer him the highest civil honours. On the 25th of September 2007 was formally constituted in Monterotondo the “Angelo Frammartino Foundation ONLUS” whose members are Angelo’s relatives and friends, representatives of the Italian, Israeli and Palestinian institutions, and many simpathizers. The Foundation has the purpose of promoting peace, non-violence, solidarity towards the weaks and of promoting the dialogue between different cultures.