Volunteer In Palestine

Voluntary work is a main part of PCR’s policy of survival.  Since its start the center has been highly dependent on voluntary work in about 70 percent of its activities.  On one hand, this helped PCR continue to function during times where almost no funds were granted to the center, while many other organizations suffered serious set backs.  On the other hand, this allowed a fairly large amount of young Palestinians to get more involved in community service and popular struggle activities through which they help their community and country at large.

International volunteers have also been a integral part of the voluntary work at PCR, their services is somehow vital, especially that PCR’s work involves quite a big deal of communication with people from around the world in so many ways.

Thus, you can contribute to this effort through one of the following projects.

1- The International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC News) www.imemc.org
If you want to contribute to spreading the news about the situation in Palestine from the ground, and you think you have the following skills, please write us  george@imemc.org.  You will be writing news reports, editing translated news reports on the site.

  1. Native Speaker of English
  2. Good writing skills
  3. Willing to work indoors (90% of the time)
  4. Willing to volunteer for no less than two weeks



  1. Media background
  2. Fair knowledge in Arabic
  3. Audio or Radio tech experience
  4. Video Experience (Camera, Editing)


2- Teach English for Parents
Many Palestinian parents would love to learn English,, we would like to help them,, so if you think you can do this, please contact us at  info@pcr.ps
It is a preference if the applicant has some Arabic language skills.  Commitment needed is no less than 2 months.

3- Teach Music 
You can help in the music project,, the following instrument are available, Alto Sax, Violin, Guitar, Hand Drums and ‘Oud
if you think you can teach, I guess we can find you something to do.  Commitment needed is no less than one month.

4- Fund Raising
If you have fund raising experience and willing to share it with us, especially if you have experience in Proposal Writing, you can be extremely helpful

5- Other Volunteer Opportuinities – Through Palestine Summer Celebration
Come and celebrate Palestine! The Palestinian Summer Celebration is a unique annual program that gives people from all over the world the chance to encounter the life, culture, and politics of Palestine.

Learn Arabic and study Palestinian history at Bethlehem University, spend time with local families and volunteer with a community organization.  More Information >>