PCR Board Members

The administration board consists of seven members elected by the GA every two years.  The current board has been elected in June 2023 and will serve until June 2025.

Administration Board scope of work: 

To administrate and set rules and laws for the organization and to set the needed procedures for the work of the organization. 

Assign and fire employees and specify job description for each employee in accordance with the by-laws. 

Form needed committees and bodies to develop the work of the organization.
Prepare the Annual Financial Accounts and the budget for the new year.

Prepare both the Annual Narrative and Financial reports and plans for new projects and present them to the GA.

Call for the GA to hold regular or urgent conventions and to implements decisions by the GA in accordance with the by-laws.

To follow up on the memos from the relative government bodies in relation to its activities and to respond to them.

Eyad Joma

Born in Beit Sahour, received his diploma in Jordan as a Dental Technician. Involved in Rapprochement Center since 1998. Secretary of the board of the Trade Union of the Speciality Association of Science and Technology of Dental Laboratories for two years. Joined the board of Administrators of PCR in 2006, he served as treasurer for a while and this year he was elected President.

Eng. Jamil Bannoura
Vice Chairman

Jamil Holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Al-Quds University in 2003.  He is involved in and a founder of a number of cultural initiatives and is an active member in local non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations.
He is a founding member of the group "Ancient Palestinian Civilizations.” and held administrative positions at the Arab Orthodox Cultural Club in Beit Sahour on voluntary basis and was head of its cultural committee.
Founding member and page manager for the Youth Assembly in Beit Sahour on Facebook.  He is a founder and manager of a Facebook page named "Beit Sahour, Present and Historical."
Jamil is owner and manager of JB TRADING company, which specializes in water purification for industrial uses and selling supplies for restaurants, hotels, and institutions.

Elias Awad

Elias joined PCR in 2000, as part of the advocacy training program and the youth group. He continued to be active in PCR untili he went to Germany to pursue his studies. He obtained his Master's Degree in Information Business, major Finance from Augsburg University in Germany.
Worked with University of Augsburg in Germany and GIZ, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Doctors without Border in Jordan.  When he came back to Palestine and reactivated involvement in PCR and recently joined the board. 

Issa Andoni

Issa Andoni was involved in PCR since 1992 as part of the youth group of the center. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a high diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism. He is currently the Warranty Manager at Mercedes-Benz Palestine.  Issa served as a board member for several years earlier, and rejoined this year.

Wisam Bannoura

Wisam is PCR member since 1999.  He has been continuiously inovlved in PCR projects and activities.  He has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Birzeit University and works now for UNRWA at Micro Finance program as a Field Supervisor.

Mahira Taweel

Mahira's has been involved in PCR for more than 10 years. She is highly motivated to serve the community, which led her to join PCR as one of the ways she believes can get her involved in community service and development work.  Mahira holds a BA in Mathematics Applied Economics.  She currently works as the head of the accounting department at the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ).  She joined the board for the first time in 2013.

Johnny Tawil

Johnny has been involved in PCR since 1992. He was among the youth group of the center and have helped organize some of the activities and projects, especially the annual candle procession. Johnny is very active in the community. He is one of the main organizers of a Football Tournament in Beit Sahour known as the Beit Sahour Family Tournament organized on annual basis, where thousands of people from Beit Sahour participate in a family activity.