George Rishmawi

Born in Beit Sahour, Graduate of Birzeit University with a BA degree in English Language and Literature and a Diploma in Translation.
Deeply involved in the Palestinian nonviolent peace movement since 1991 soon after joining the PCR, with previous involvement since 1987 with the beginning of the first intifada.
Co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a nonviolent movement that works in Palestine with a goal to promote and support the nonviolent Palestinian resistance movement. (
Co-Founder and Steering Committee member of the Nonviolence Network in Arab Countries.
Has wide experience in coordinating mass activities. George has undertaken a number of speaking tours in Europe, the USA and Canada.

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Friday, 19 January 2018 19:36

Job Title: Project Assistant

Immediate Supervisor: PCR's Project's Manager


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Through Young Eyes - The Training

Monday, 03 February 2014 20:01

During one of the preparatory meetings for the project with the participants.The actual training has started in October 2013.  12 young men and women have been selected to participate in the project.  The participants come from the Bethlehem area, mainly from two towns, Beit Sahour and the village of Wadi Fukin, a marginalized village in the western rural area of Bethlehem.  Wadi Fukin is a village trapped between the green line (the enforced borders between the West Bank and Israe) and the wall, Israel is buliding inside the West Bank.  This area is know and the "seam zone" and residents of this area face serious mobility issues.  Therefore, the three participants come a long way from their village to the center to attend the training.


The first sessions were conducted by the PCR Executive Dierctor, George N. Rishmawi who gave them an introductary training in communication skills.  Information needed for the training, simply because the entire project is about youth communicating their views to the community through video.


Following the Communication Skills training, the participants received training in research skills in order to give them tools on how to find out what topics they want to pursue and how can they collect information about it in order to present it in a more presentable way.


These two training packages paved the way for the video and audio production training to start.  The video training is split into two sections, the first is photography and the second is videography.  Participants are learning the basics of shooting a good video, and they they will have to edit it on the computer, using Adobe Premier video editing software.  Thus, once they are done with the project, they will be able to edit any other video, which will give them a skill that is very much needed in most of the new communication jobs.



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The proejct is funded by the UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund. 




Governing Board 2013-2015

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 18:26

The Governing board of PCR is called the Board of Directors.  The Board is elected every two years directly by the General Assembly.  Memberships in the GA is open to every Palestinian, males and females, Christians and Muslims who has completed the 16 years of age and has applied to become a member of PCR by submitting a written application, which should be approved in a board meeting.

Members are required to pay an annual registration fee determined by the board of directors.  To be elected to the board, one is requested to have served as a volunteer in any of PCR's activities for a period that is no longer than six months, in order to be known to the General Assembly if he/she decides to run for the board.

The most recent members of the board of Directors elected on February 9, 2013 and will serve until February 9, 2015 are:


Michael Rishmawi, President & Co-Founder

Michael has been among the founding members of PCR.  He is a retired Teacher of Arabic Language and is actively involved in a number of local organizations.  He holds a BA in Administration and is the most senior among the board members and has been on the board of PCR since its foundation in 1988.  He is involved in a number of Literature group and is now authoring a book about prominent characters in Beit Sahour.


RANI A. HILAL, Vice President

Rani has been involved in PCR since 1997.  he was among the youth group of the center and have helped organize some of the activities and projects, especially the annual candle procession.  Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Bir Zeit University, Rani is running his own business with his father and brother.  This is his first time for him in the board and is determined to share his experience to serve the center, and thus, the entire community.



Fida joined PCR in 1997 as part of the advocacy training program launched by PCR in that year.  She was first employed by PCR in 2003 to support the team in running the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).  She traveled to Italy and obtained her Master Degree in Tourism Marketing and came back to work in PCR.  She joined the board first time in 2008 after she got another job in Bethlehem University at the Fair Trade Development Center (FTDC) of the Institute of Community Partnership (ICP).  She currently works at Dar Annadwa in Bethlehem.


Eyad A. Joma, Treasurer

Born in Beit Sahour, received his diploma in Jordan as a Dental Technician. Involved in Rapprochement Center since 1998.  Secretary of the board of the Trade Union of the Speciality Association of Science and Technology of Dental Laboratories for two years.  Joined the board of Administrators of PCR in 2006 and now serves as the treasurer of the Board. 


Jane S. Hilal, Member

Jane has been involved in PCR since 1992.  She holds a Master Degree of Science in Inviornmental Management and is currently the head of Water and Invirionment Research Department at the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ).  after several years of being busy at work, she decided to share some of her accumilated  experience in running and managing projects to help PCR develop its programs. 


Tariq H. Al-Atrash, member

Tariq is the youngest member of the board.  He has been involved in PCR since 2011, and has been interested to get involved in a serious organization to help in promoting peace and justice.  Currently, he is a fourth-year student of Mechanical Engineering at Al-Quds University in Abu Dis, Jerusalem.






Mahira's history in PCR is not long, however, she expressed high interest in serving the community and settled that PCR is one of the ways she believes can get her involved in community service and development work.  Mahira holds a BA in Mathmatics Applied Economics.  She currently works as the head of the accounting department at the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ)

Tunes For Peace Students

Thursday, 24 January 2013 13:48

MEET OUR STUDENTS & Sponsor a Young Musician 

The young musician sponsorship program is aimed at providing a chance for some young students who dream to become musicians but unable due to financial restrictions. The Angelo Frammartino Educational Center provides, through the tunes for peace project, a good opportunity for students to learn music at a reasonable rate, however, despite the low costs the Tunes for Peace project provides, some families are unable to pay the costs.


At PCR, we do our best to provide equal chances for all youth in town, at the same time, we are also committed to high quality in teaching music. Our trainers are among the best in the Bethlehem area, and they are committed to helping youth.

Currently, we have around 80 students on board.  at this numbr the annual cost of the project mounts up to $24,000.  The cost of having each student in the project is around $400. Almost 25% of the cost is covered by the students fees and the rest needs to be covered by donations.  So far funds from the Italian Organization, A La Calle and Pilgrimage People from the UK, helped cover expenses of 2013-2014 and half of 2015.  We are looking for your generous donations to cover the remainder six months of this year.


Your help is needed to be able to provide this service to young Palestinian students who are eager to learn how to play music.


Our goal is to empower those young people to help them make their dreams come true, which will in future give them the chance to contribute to their community and play key role in the social life.


You can donate Online by clicking the link or make a check with tax deductible receipt by making your check payable to:


and send it to

If Americans' Knew

3020 El Cerrito Plaza #157

El Cerrito, CA 94530

Phone: 202-631-4060
Fax: 815-301-8048
PLEASE mention in your MEMO that the donation is for the "Young Musician Sposorship Program"


Shepherds Nights Festival 2012

Monday, 17 December 2012 19:49
مهرجان ليالي الرعاة الخامس ٢٠١٢

The Shepherds Nights Festival is an annual festival organized by PCR and (JAI) The Joint Advocacy Initiative of the YMCA and the YWCA.

This years festival will be held 24 - 25 December 2012 in Beit Sahour according to the following program

مهرجان ليالي الرعاة ينظم سنوياً منذ العام 2008 بالتعاون ما بين المركز الفلسطيني للتقارب بين الشعوب ومبادرة الدفاع المشتركة لجمعيتي الشبان الشابات المسيحية.  ويقام المهرجان هذا العام يومي ٢٤ و ٢٥ كانون أول ٢٠١٢ في بيت ساحور حسب البرنامج التالي

فعاليات اليوم الاول في قاعة الروم الارثوذكس - وسط البلد 

 اليوم الأول 24\12\2012

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ما أروع ان ترسم بسمة على وجه طفل من أطفال فلسطين فكيف وقد رسمنا البسمة على وجوه أكثر من اربعمائة من أطفال فلسطين

بتمويل من مؤسسة عبدالمحسن القطان أطلق المركز الفلسطيني للتقارب بين الشعوب ومبادرة الدفاع المشتركة لجمعيتي الشبان والشابات المسيحية في بيت ساحور فعاليات اليوم الأول من مهرجان ليالي الرعاة للعام 2012.

وقد احيا فعاليات الليلة الاولى كل من الفنان القادم من ناصرة الجليل روني روك وفرقته ومسرح ديار الراقص الذين قدموا مسرحية عن الميلاد بعنوان "رز وفانتا في أكاديمية سانتا" والتي تروي بشكل مرح للأطفال كيف يقوم بابا نويل بتدريب اثنين من طلابه ليصبحو بابا نويل ويذهبو لتقديم الهدايا في العيد لأطفال فلسطين وأطفال غزة.

ثم قام بابا نويل بتقديم الهدايا للأطفال الذين فاق عددهم الاربعمائة بعضهم مع أهاليهم وأخوتهم وسط أجواء من الفرح والبهجة. ومن الجدير ذكره ان هذا هو العام الخامس الذي يتم فيه تنظيم مهرجان ليالي الرعاة في بيت ساحور والذي هو امتداد لمسيرة الشموع السنوية التي يقيمها المركز منذ العام 1990.

وفي كل عام تحمل المسيرة شعاراً يراد ايصاله الى مختلف أنحاء العالم، وفي هذا العام ستحمل المسيرة شعار "أضئ شمعة من أجل حقوق الشعب الفلسطيني" كما نصت عليها الشرعة الدولية ومواثيق حقوق الانسان والقانون الدولي الانساني.


اليوم الثاني 25\12\2012


The Candle Procession 2012 - Light a Candle for the Palestinian Rights

في الساعة الرابعة من مساء اليوم 25 كانون أول من العام 2012 شقت مسيرة الشموع شوارع بيت ساحور منادية باسترداد الحقوق الشرعية للشعب الفلسطيني. فقد حملت المسيرة والتي تنظم من أكثر من عشرين عاما شعار "أضئ شمعة من أجل حقوق الشعب الفلسطيني. سار الطفل والشيخ، سار المسيحي والمسلم سار الشاب والفتاة جميعهم حملو الشموع وسارو معلنين ان لا حق يموت مادام وراءه من يطالب به ويسعى لاسترداده.


وقد انطلقت المسيرة من أمام حقل الرعاة (الرعوات) ووصلت الى منطقة وسط البلد القديمة وسط أجواء من البهجة وترنيم الميلاد.


واختتمت المسيرة بصوت عذب من الفنانة المقدسية سميرة خروبي وفرقة شرقيات التي عزفت أجمل الالحان والترانيم التي زادت العيد بهجة.


واننا باسم المركز الفلسطيني للتقارب بين الشعوب ومبادرة الدفاع المشترك نشكر من أعماق قلبنا جميع كل من لبى دعوتنا وشاركنا في المسيرة من أبناء هذه المدينة العزيزة بيت ساحور وكل من ساهم في احياء وانجاح هذا اليوم واليوم الأول ونخص بالذكر مؤسسة عبدالمحسن القطان - برنامج الثقافة والفنون الذين ساهمو بتمويل بعض تكاليف المهرجان كما نشكر فالنتاين ميوزك سنتر لتعاونهم المتميز وراديو موال الراعي الاعلامي للمهرجان لهذا العام.




 برنامج المهرجان

Monday 24 December الإثنين ٢٤ كانون أول
3:00 Children Show with Roni Rock ٣:٠٠ فقرة خاصة بالاطفال مع روني روك 
4:00 Children Theatre - Ruz and Fanta at the Academy of Santa - Diyar Theatre ٤:٠٠ مسرحية رز وفانتا في اكاديمية سانتا - مسرح ديار
5:00 Christmas Gifts with Santa ٥:٠٠ توزيع الهدايا مع بابا نويل في قاعة الروم الارثوكس - وسط البلد
Tuesday 25 December الثلاثاء ٢٥ كانون أول
3:30 Gathering at the Orthodox Shepherds Field ٣:٣٠ التجمع في حقل الرعوات
4:15 Candle Procession "Light a Candle for the Palestinian Rights" ٤:٠٠ انطلاق مسيرة الشموع
أضئ شمعة من أجل حقوق الشعب الفلسطيني
5:30 Musical Group (Sharqiyat) at the Old Town of Beit Sahour - by the Citadel Restaurant  ٥:٣٠ أمسية فنية مع فرقة شرقيات في وسط البلدة القديمة بالقرب من مطعم القلعة


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