Friday, 19 January 2018 19:36

Call for Expertise



13. Download ToR for Creation of pedagogical tools pdficon  (closed)



PCR (Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People)AFRAT (Association pour la Formation des Ruraux aux Activités du Tourisme); Bethlehem University / Institute for Community Partnership-ICP and Tétraktys (Association de coopération pour le développement Local des espaces naturels) lunched a call for expertise on Creation of pedagogical tools linked with the Palestinian heritage.


The contractors awarded are:


- Mr. Amer Shomali


MFA Animation, Arts University Bournemouth, UK.


B.Sc Architectural Engineering, Birzeit University, Palestine.




- Tamer Institute for Community Education


Address : P.O.Box 1973 Ramallah, Palestine





 12. Download ToR for Jordan Case study pdficon  (closed)

11 Download ToR for Hikayat Palestine through the Masar Ibrahim: dialects, oral memories, and histories  pdficon  


10.  Download ToR for Architecture and ways of living: traditional and modern Palestinian villages and cities  pdficon  (closed)

9.   Download ToR for  Necessity of water and problems: source of life, claim for heritage?  pdficon   (closed)

8. Download ToR for From terraces to settlements: the testimony of Masar Ibrahim landscapes  pdficon   (closed)

7.  Download ToR for "The one who has olive oil will never be poor”. Material and political aspects of a Palestinian symbol  pdficon   


6. Download ToR for The Maqâm as a place of popular practices: evolution and diversity  pdficon  (closed)

5. Download ToR for Web Portal pdficon  (closed)

4. Download ToR for Communication Consultancy pdficon  (closed)

3. Download ToR for Prejudices against Palestine survey pdficon (closed)

2. Download ToR for Key Actors inventory pdficon (closed)

1. Download ToR for the Baseline Study pdficon (closed)

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