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PCR works to bridge the gap between Palestinians and peoples from all around the world, informing the public about the reality in Palestine, and empowering the community through nonviolent direct action.


  1. Promote arriving at a just and peaceful Palestine
  2. Promote harmony and rapprochement within society and between societies
  3. Raise awareness and provide accurate and first hand information about Palestine
  4. Enhance civic duty and civic responsibility especially for empowering youth, women, and for marginalized segments of our society.


To see Palestine  prosper and Palestinians enjoying life and human rights after this long time of unrest and turmoil of the military occupation.

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Help a Palestinian Family (Fazaa Project)

Read more about the Fazaa Project, an initiative created by a group of passionate Palestinian entrepreneurs in order to help Palestinian families receive the support and resiliency they need to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and life difficulties in Palestine. Learn More